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Michael Jordan son Marcus Jordan; drying out he has Legends of The Summer! Including AIR JORDAN 2, 3 each pair of shoes, in addition to the AIR JORDAN 1 series of 3 pairs of shoes, a total of 5 pairs of this complete set! can be seen from the chart, AIR JORDAN 1 LOTS uppers using 3M reflective material in large area.This package owner of another, is to be sold? We will continue to pay attention to it!recently, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce concentrated on the city's 8 professional footwear market, 11 department stores sales of leather shoes and other footwear products quality monitoring. After testing, there are 43 batches of substandard goods, of which the well-known department store sales accounted for nearly half of the total number of substandard goods. decolorization serious design defects SKAP a number of indicators failed substandard goods, some shoe uppers, severe bleaching, easily lead to color transfer; some bead is not close, there are obvious defects in the senses. Monitoring found that the nominal Paris spring Wujiaochang shop sales by Shenzhen Longhao World Trade Development Co., Ltd. SKAP production "(SKAP)" brand men's shoes overall appearance, color fastness and other indicators of failure. color fastness is not up to health, part of children's shoes wear resistance is poor, commodities were sampled, there are 33 batches of physical and chemical properties failed. Folding properties and wear resistance were detected whether sole is easy to break, wear; peel strength refers to the adhesion fastness of the upper and the sole, the index is not qualified, consumers easily after wearing glue; heart hook bending stiffness directly affects the comfort, the index is not qualified, hook heart lacks the elasticity, shoes easily deformed walk on foot; lining and pad rubbing fastness leather sandals and casual shoes is an important quality index, consumers do not Cheap jordans online wear socks, unqualified color fastness, color to color transfer shoe, skin health hazards. Monitoring found that the nominal Paris spring Hongkou shop sales by Zhongshan Fu Trading Co. Ltd. production of "Chi salsa (CHISHALUO)" brand shoes, to help end the two indexes of peel strength were not qualified; first Shanghai Yaohan limited nominal sales by Falck (Beijing) Trading Co. Ltd. the production (supply). "Naturino" brand adhesive shoes, wear resistance and other indicators of failure. deceptive identification of false charge to consumers monitoring found that some unqualified goods missing or wrong identification information, individual batches of impurities, shoddy, serious problems for identification was convicted of substandard goods, such as the nominal Shanghai Huangpu District Jin more shoes sales department sales by Wenzhou Panqiao Kangtai shoe factory production (supply) of the "ace Tarantino" brand men's shoes, help surface material for the outstanding nominal cortex, measured for synthetic leather, seriously mislead consumers. How does identify inferior skin? There are also tips to buy industry and commerce departments to remind consumers to buy footwear items should stay a few minds. The tensile strength, softness and air permeability of pigskin and cowhide are not the same, but better leather should have clear pattern (except modified leather), not loose surface, soft texture and good elasticity. Some shoes are glossy and smooth, but they will be loose after a short period of wear : 27 announced by the Ministry of Commerce, Mandelson, member of the European Union Trade Commission, has recently proposed new proposals for anti-dumping on Chinese and Vietnamese leather shoes. new recommendations include: from the beginning of October, 16% and 10% respectively on leather shoes imported from Vietnam to Chinese, anti-dumping tax, tax for a period of 5 years; the anti-dumping tax l jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black evy to cover previously exempt from the children's shoes. at the beginning of July, Mandelson has recommended that, from the beginning of October this year in 5 years, the EU will impose tariffs on the normal year from China 140 million pairs of shoes and 95 million pairs of leather shoes from Vietnam; for beyond the limits of the part, Chinese per pair of shoes may be subject to a 23% tariff, Vietnam the shoes will be subject to a 29% tariff. Mandelson again put forward new proposals are strongly against the previously proposed recommendations by Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Poland "five big shoes", that the proportion of the proposed exemption of import is too large, insufficient to protect the EU's footwear industry; Sweden and other Nordic the state also opposes the previous recommendations for various reasons, the Nordic countries have always been opposed to any trade protection measures; new measures of this two layer of Taxation, whether the WTO in front of the rule legitimacy, and in practice is feasible, are in doubt. however, Mandelson's new proposal was attacked by British retailers. Under the new proposal, retailers have to pay 16% of the anti-dumping duties on leather shoes imported from Chinese, much higher than previously suggested in the average level of 3%-4%, because of the current retail market downturn will be very difficult burden to the customers, retailers will have to absorb most of the extra cost. (editor in chief: admin)Jordan Air 7'Marvin Retro The Martian'SB Dunk Low Premium'De La Soul'NikeAir Presto'Brutal Honey'NikeFlyknit Lunar 2NikeGel-Lyte V'Atomic Blue'AsicsJordan Air 14'Graphite/Chartreuse'RetroZoom Kobe Nike 3'MPLS'Nike Air More Uptempo'White/Red'West x New Balance 530Saucony Shadow 5000'Wasabi'Nike Zoom Kobe 7'Prelude'Reebok Answer 1'Black/Red'Air Jordan 4 Retro'Mars'Nike Air Zoom Vick 2'Falcons'Nike Air Max Penny 4'White/Red'Nike Air Max Luna Cheap air jordans for sale r90'Moon Landing'Li-Ning Way Of Wade 2'Year of the Horse'Air Jordan 10 Retro Collezione'CDP'Air Jordan 1 Retro High'Melo'Source: soleJames kissed Pigalle x NikeLab LeBron 12 Elite participate in activities 2015-08-18 13:27:27 yesterday to introduce the French fashion brand Pigalle and NikeBasketball work together to create the Nike LeBron 12 Elite, with its excellent color shoes designed to get everyone's attention, and in Shanghai to participate in the line of James China, Chiang Kai-shek in the activities of a few days ago He is wearing these shoes while NikeLab also announced news that the shoes will be held today 19:00, in NikeLab X158 starting, if you are in Shanghai, may wish to shop at the chance to touch it. & nbsp; classic color regression Nike Air Max 95 OG - Neon 2013-12-08 22:41:37 2013 ?? addition to Ling Lang everywhere engraved Air Jordan shoes, Nike Sportswear Air Max will also be a fad of engraved whirlwind. 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This world-class elite team includes the world's first spokesperson Michael Usain & middot; Bolt, won numerous platinum international star Rihanna, Asia's top jordan 3 katrina 2018 idol Luhan, star striker Sergio & middot; Aguirre Ronaldo, Arsenal Football Club, the Cuban national boxing team, and so on. After four weeks of filming, the series of short films so that people can view these world-class elite style, and learn about their experiences in order to maintain the competitive level of the top how hard training. Movie truly capture by elites is how power and skills to continue to improve and enhance their athletic performance, demonstrated their very dynamic, full of excellent and warm side. And help give them professional training is the latest training series PUMA IGNITE IGNITE XT. This high-intensity training shoe designed to provide feedback to the trainer's largest energy and movement flexibility, this design concept throughout the entire branding campaign.[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics YORK, April 20, 2014 news, Nike (Nike store) signing players Wie in the final round of five-under par 67 bar, with a total score 274 (low par 14) won the LPGA Lotte Championship, which is since 2010 again on her first LPGA tournament win. The only 24-year-old young players, rely on the ball bag Nike VR Pro Combo Irons leads the LPGA rankings. Wie in the stadium also use Nike RZN titanium black golf ball with this one innovation Speedlock RZN core technology, can create far more distance off the tee, hitting enhance feel, and creating a more stable and consistent ball flight. Wie help of her Nike Method 006 putter on the 12th hole and 13th hole are playing the birds, which also provided her with a two-shot lead in the home of Hawaii's victory. "This week the most important thing is to return home," Wie said. "There's not a moment alone. From my first rod tee to a hole in my last putt, I felt everyone welcoming and warm, really incredible. " When Wie game also wearing the Nike Tour Women's FI Impact series and Nike golf shoes. Wie Nike golf equipment: One wood: Nike VRS jordans on sale mens Covert 2.0 9.5 degrees (UST Axivcore 69 Red X) Fairway Woods: Nike VRS Covert Tour 3-wood 13 degrees hybrid club: Nike VRS Covert 18 degrees / 24 degrees Irons: Nike VR Pro Combo (5-PW) Wedges: Nike VR Pro 52 degrees, VR X3X Toe Sweep 56 degrees / 60 degrees putter: Nike Method 006 Golf: Nike RZN titanium black Apparel: Nike functionality woman series shoes: Nike Lunar Control (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe-like garments News)[Chinese shoes Network - News Analysis] foreign brands in the country selling a price, to China to sell another price; in the country is an industry standard, to the Chinese, is another set of standards ...... in the end what is the reason spoiled these international brands, it is what makes them double standards? Nike punished Recently, the Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau investigated Nike's case against the interests of consumers. With a Nike brand basketball shoes sold in the US and China, but not homogeneous, different price. In the United States sells for $ 125 (about 800 yuan), there are two ZOOM cushion, while in China the name of "heel and forefoot ZOOM AIR for the feet gives a soft, responsive cushioning protection" advertising of This shoe is only a cushion, priced as high as 1,299 yuan. Beijing Industry and Commerce Bureau believes that Nike engage in "double standards" on the product, discrimination Chinese and foreign consumers, violated Chinese consumers, then Nike fined 4.87 million yuan. Yesterday, Nike fined message become a hot topic netizens. Reporter rough statistics, in Tencent, users protest note to 19:00 yesterday already up 18. There are a lot of friends said the same brand in different foreign domestic price is commonplace. Ms. financial enterprises in Hong Kong, one of Liu told reporters that she was in Beijing Road, a well-known shopping mall on the ninth floor of Adidas, Nike discount, it was found to be playing on the break of goods more than 400 yuan. And she was in the United States found that the same brand of the same style of a pair of shoes, which later converted into yuan than the much cheaper. ?? why brand-name shoes in the sales will double standard tariff reason it reporter access to information found the following data, in 2009, Nike had announced the list of overseas manufacturers: China, 124, 73 in Thailand, South Korea 35 Vietnam 34, in addition, there are other parts of Asia and South America, Australia, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Turkey and other places of the plant. If this data is accurate, Nike manufacturers in Asia, China alone accounts for nearly half of the country. But until the time of this writing, the news has not been confirmed relevant aspects. uncommon involve double standards of the Nike brand is not only been one example. According to media reports, since 2009, Johnson & Johnson products were recalled in 25 countries, but these are basically the recall does not involve China, its improved product sales only in some developed countries Britain and Japan. The face of challenge, Johnson & Johnson said that their products fully comply with China's national standards, it will not recall related products. Some foreign car manufacturers product is found when security issues recall, it is often not included our country, exactly the same for the same reason: product complies with Chinese specifications. foreign brands have recently frequent quality problems in China market: brand baby shampoo contains carcinogenic substances traced, well-known foreign brands was traced to fast food selling expired food, the kitchen hygiene is not up to brand-name does not close the refrigerator door, the famous car after taillights flawed, inadequate nutrient content related brand milk powder, designer paint scrub resistance of non-compliance ...... Who spoiled these big too lax supervision GB Why do some international brands "double standards" in the Chinese market? Need to reflect on our country's regulatory system and national standards. Some domestic industry standard is too low or too coarse, lack of refinement of the judgment, which makes the implementation of double standards multinationals have loopholes. After some of the foreign brands to enter China, gradually embarked on the localization of routes, and even manage its domestic and foreign subsidiaries with two standards in the production, there are many loopholes in the sales cycle. So that even if some quality problems in other parts of the recall, nor will our country be included on the grounds that a: products meet Chinese specifications. fine not too big pain low-cost illegal Chinese laws and regulations in force set, the objective again and again indulged foreign brands. In the EU, the company violated antitrust regulations will be punished by up to 10% of annual revenue violation fines. April 2011, Unilever and Procter & Gamble laundry detergent because of manipulation of prices imposed by the EU fine of nearly 320 million euros; September 2009, Pfizer was fined for illegally selling drugs $ 2.3 billion the United States Department of Justice. In contrast, some of the "big ocean" in China, even if a quality problem or fraud, tickets are often only a few dozen, a few million dollars, do not feel "pain." Domestic punishment called the largest single Wal-Mart stores selling fake "green pork" case, but also fined 2.69 million yuan. Worship psychological push prices reporter learned that the same brand-name products, China often sell expensive than abroad: 3G mobile phones, our price is five times the United States; some brand-name cars, our price is the United States several times ...... Some netizens suggested that the reason of brand-name merchandise sold in our high prices, the reason is aimed at foreign psychology of consumers Worship, luxury monopoly pricing, and the government's monopoly on the exploitation of Chinese consumers and pricing not timely regulatory sanctions, resulting in pricing of products sold in China has been completely dominated by international brands, free pricing, no objection. price difference is difficult to be investigated mass difference may be complaints Guangdong, China's Jie Zhang Heng Law Firm of the cases analyzed that such acts Nike involving fraud, the relevant departments can be based on the Consumer Protection Law, the Product Quality Law, and advertising law for false propaganda other aspects of the companies accountable. She also noted that due to the different domestic and international market positioning and consumer environment, spread brand products appear more "difficult to trace," but if the product is using the same propaganda in domestic and international markets, but the quality varies, consumers may lodge a complaint or take legal action to the authorities. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)Sports players adidas Originals 2014 Spring Luxury Sneaker Series 2013-11-25 09:36:13 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: hypebeast] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network November 25 hearing, the first classic sports brand adidas Originals Spring 2014 release Luxery Sneaker series. The series with the brand's classic shoes modeled departure, including Stan Smith, Basket Profi, Gazelle and enduring ZX 500 shoes, etc., and the use of luxurious black leather create uppers, complemented by a variety of animal patterns uppers effect rendering, bring a unique visual experience. Other details of the design included within the color, the golden clover Logo, as well as vintage white soles, and so on. (Media Partner: clothing with) Related news