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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] Nike for the promotion of women's sports and held fitness activities "N + TC Tour" kicked off in China, female consumers in the world's largest sporting goods production the commercial territory's role has never been so important, the Chinese market is no exception. March 8 this day, Shanghai New Jiangwan City in Yangpu District, Road No. 99 football pitches, a huge white awning sprung. Full of rhythmic sound of music and passwords, 1000 wearing a printed fluorescent "hook" movement vest women, follow the beach volleyball world champion Zhang Xi, the world sprint champion Allyson Felix and professional fitness coach together, complete a continued full four hours of aerobic exercise. Campaign rally This has meant carnival, in fact, is for the promotion of women's sports Nike held fitness activity that is named "N + TC Tour", Nike hopes this year to further develop China's women's sports market . The band held a similar tour in each city, after Shanghai, the Nike team will continue in Hong Kong, Taipei, Guangzhou and Beijing do the same thing, and to organize the women of different number of kilometers road race events in April. Early in the 1980s, Nike has realized the potential of the female market, but the market has never been taken seriously as now. Last October 22, the official opening of the New York Nike Nike Women 2015 Spring Series, when the company's CEO Mark Park represents to 2017 fiscal year, Nike's goal is the income scale female product lines from $ 5 billion today increase to $ 7 billion. A month later, in an important business district in Shanghai, the ICC iAPM four, Nike China's first woman to experience the store opened. This is the world's largest sports brand sound positive momentum vastly into women's sports market. Considering the female consumer Cheap air jordans for sale s of sports attire in addition to the requirements of easy to use, also called fashion, in product design, Nike began to frequent cross-border cooperation with fashion designers, designers are listed in the list of its cooperation German designer Johanna Schneider, there are Japanese fashion brand Sacai. And all these designers cooperation models in China for sale. But only look better products far from sufficient to establish superiority in this new market, either Adidas or New Balance are planning to open up China's massive female market. So Nike think we need to do further - to consumers disseminate health knowledge to guide their lifestyle changes. "Our biggest problem is not to keep up with the question, is how can guide it, to allow consumers to have a brand that is always with me and went to see farther and more interesting things." Nike Greater China Senior Communications Director District HuangXiangYan said. will be launched N + TC Tour and open enrollment news in China, the earliest in the first micro-channel and Nike + platform release. Nike + Training Club (N + TC) and Nike + Running Nike developed two health tracking application, the former mainly for women, in more than 100 training programs, coaching in the form of video clips of demonstration exercise movements; the latter is a Record actors running mileage routes App, and marked running shoes situation and weather conditions. Each completed one kilometer, the participants will be heard kilometers headphones by its push notification and pitch, running over, some people voice prompt will tell you just beyond themselves. Nike opinion, whether you download the N + TC or download Nike + Running suggest that you would be their target audience, this activity may be of interest. In the world, currently has 9,000,000 female downloaded Nike + Running, most of which are heavy user cheap jordans s of this App, or that is running cultural currents fans. In China, running and fitness culture is popular with incredible speed, Iris Lin living in Shanghai is a city of runners. Iris in fashion retailer IT group work, from 2013 started using Nike + Running. 2-3 times a week running her unshakeable habit, and the running theme Share data circle of friends. Apart wearing Nike + FuelBand bracelet, substantially all of sports equipment came from Nike. For her, running to earn Fuel Points FLAC ring record to make sports more interesting. "In addition to N + TC and Running, I will hand App Nike + Fuel ring," Iris told news reporters interface, "Every day I give an amount set itself is sure to go to 2000 meters, I think this is an incentive because I spent more than a year has now become a habit, basically can not stop. " Iris Lin circle of friends to share the running score by N + TC and Nike + Running these two applications, not only Nike also formed a new community to provide services to female consumers, provided by these data-sharing App for Nike. "You may think that someone going to eat after work, you're going to exercise, you are alone, in fact, today there are 999 individuals and the same." HuangXiangYan told news reporters interface. Of course, these data also help determine the female market and design products: for example, the habit of running a city, day or night, if you prefer a city at night, Nike will join some of the security considerations in product design; In addition, Asia, Europe and the Americas have their popular sports, different sports, women's underwear consumer demand for sport will change. like this woman tried to grab Iris Nike wants consumer groups, in China they are now mainly concentrated in the cities. November 2014, the world's second woman Nike store opening in Shanghai, in HuangXiangYan view, Shanghai Cheap foamposites for sale women absorb knowledge, changing lifestyles, changing values, faster, and high degree of acceptance. N + organized such an event TC Tour, but also the social order through social media, word of mouth, increasing exercise habits of proportion in Chinese women. Throughout the Greater China, Nike total 60 around core fitness coach, Nike design activities, together abroad for training. "When the brand forward in helping consumers, only way to form the mainstream values, when one thing is not the mainstream values ??of the time, it is difficult to raise the participation rate." HuangXiangYan said. But Nike also know that everything fell on the final sale of the stores, here is the brand and the consumer real local contact occurs. Nike manufactured atmosphere. On the training of the sales staff, there is a principle of Nike athletes for athletes, not a salesman for athletes. Nike in Shanghai Huaihai Road, officially called the manager of Coach (coach), the staff is the Athlete (Athletes), and the store manager is itself Guangzhou half marathon champion horse. Because there is experience and knowledge of professional training, the staff know a person to run five kilometers which will need to overcome the physical and psychological difficulties faced, how the final product was suitable for him. "From 2014 to 2015, the relationship between brands and consumers have been satisfied with me just let you love me, but more that I lead you." Market research firm Millward Brown Global CEO Wang Xing of the interface news reporter said. Nike woman official micro-Bo, they specifically for female consumers the latest release of the brand slogan, "only more like," Look, if you put two words together with the Brazilian World Cup slogan "Bo everything", you will find This type of propaganda slogans are close to imply stimulating Nike and consumers to est air jordan 11 space jam for sale ablish principles closely linked. 2013 In October came the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco, at the end position, the San Francisco firefighters who will wear a decent suit, holding a flag of blue-green color boxes with white ribbons, waiting for every girl, and Tell her you just completed your marathon, the box is printed with Nike Logo triangle Tiffany necklace. In HuangXiangYan eyes, this experience is very important, "Everyone will think my first marathon was completed in this case, so we think it is a celebration." "Nike existing technology products, but also the emotional contact, but now lead the formation of a consumer advocate, if consumers are willing to follow, then, Nike can continue to build a better eco-system." Wang Xing said. Whether it is marketing activities, spring and summer women's new products, provide information and services for the digital community, or the line store consumer experience, all of which put together a comprehensive marketing plan is Nike in China, but if you stand far point of view, will feel they seem to only do one thing: on a piece of land is zoned as a big circle, so that more women come in. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Four Seasons Bear shoes) today's NBA were carried out in four games, Griffin 40 points and 12 rebounds, Paul 27 points and nine assists, but still lost to the spray brothers scored 52 points in full bloom warriors; heat inactivated Leonard 22 points, nine rebounds and spurs; Zhuang God Reggie averaged a double double piston to repel the eagle; Nets beat the Pacers back to the eastern part of the eighth. Below together to enjoy the next NBA players on the foot of the shoe section of the list. Kell: Nike Run The One. Afterward, Caldwell - Air Jordan 10probe.Nike Kyrie 1Jackson, Reggie.Wade Dwayne - WOW LI-NING 3 cheap foamposites PE, Ginobili Manu - Kobe Nike 9 EMBerry Nellie - Hyperdunk 2013NikeParke - Toni - TONY PARKER IIPEAKGreen - Danny - Zoom Soldier VIIINikeGeorge Paul - Kobe XNikeJordan Melo M11 Joe Johnson - X, Nike Kyrie 1. Thaddeus young, "BHM" Griffin Blake - Super.Fly Jordan 3 PEStephen - Under Armour Curry 1 database. PEPaul Chris - CP3.VIII PEJordan search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! source: NBARecently, headquartered in Tokyo, Japanese clothing brand Tomorrowland released a special edition 2015 autumn and winter series. This time the dress remains concise factions Japanese style, to control the quality of fabrics and attention to detail, the product contains coats, shirts, sweaters, etc., close to the natural color choice disposes tone, exquisite stitching effect plus the use of exquisite fabrics, make clothing more comfortable upper body. Color also good, in addition to taking the traditional neutral gray tone, but also to join indigo, yellow and green, with the autumn scenery more match. It is understood to be on sale in the series, a friend might like to pay more attention.held in full swing in the Boracay Agenda exhibition, this event every year to attract a group of street culture enthusiasts, street artists and the street will brand mastermind to participate in, just look at their dress has let people feel more and this time, we bring #OnFeet Street Series for our special sent photographers Brandon Shigeta, who is in the trend of appreciation exhibition site Master dressed in sneakers, and to provide inspiration for collocation. today not to sell clothes and hats, but selling trendsetter idea, especially for wearing outside of the size of the thing, I want to Japanese, bicycle in life is not just a means of transport, and has sublimated into a kind of life attitude! with the Tokyo tram connections, seems to be everywhere very convenient, so often seen parked near the station has a large number of bicycles, of course in the ordinary talent shows itself has been h, and designers, the influx of people for their own concept of dedication, type, almost every day, most probably it did not actually happen to gallop in between rounds, mount of course, more elegant! under the cycle MADNESS; as the subtitle, it is not difficult to see that the book brings to the public view, worth discussing is certainly exclusive thinking of celebrities, including all very familiar with Teng Yuan Hao, CLS host Oka Sawa Gao Hong 108 Heroes (...)! To convey my bike " ", the first person perspective telling, believe that all the people in Tokyo and another life trendsetter idea, knowledge about! offer date: 8/2 Pricing: 2500held in Madrid once a year to celebrate the northwest Plaza de Sneakerball carnival, the center exhibits Nike teamed up with New York artist Shane Griffin designed a concept of sculpture as the entrance welcome activities. how big is a brain cavity made of shoes? for Shane, the creative project is no doubt a challenging task. he needs to create an artwork with a 3D effect that will not only be used as a display of sculpture, but also as a means of commercial promotion in printed form. so, it's not just about modeling. It's about sculpture and brand culture. Shane Griffin worked with Nike designer Colin Cornwell, first starting with 3D modeling, and then sculpting the basic sculpt of the sculpture with foam. then crafted to become the ultimate image: three Air, Jordan 1, Nike, Air, Force 1, Nike, Blazer, respectively, like three meteorites, slam into the sport of basketball. and the final punchline of the whole foam sculpture was painted gray cement, and looks like real stone sculpture no two, even can be described by the word spectacular. the event was held to mark the end of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in spain. , meanwhile, NIKE has demonstrated its brand of basketball shoe designs at the event, allowing local fans to gain a better understanding of the NIKE basketball culture. in fact, many domestic competitors should follow suit. has seen so much. Is it a big hole in the brain? ??????lv bags for sale art drawing designers outlet ashland wi satin ribbon bracelet bags for sale art drawing" /〉 air max essential grey Farm attacks in months as recorded by SA Rural Security footwear online shopping for ladies _ lv bags for sale art drawing , the Boston marathon, was founded in 1897 as the world's first city marathon. From its inception, the Boston marathon once a year, never stopped, and have extremely strict restrictions on eligibility, this exclusivity also led to this event attracted many of the world's marathon runner eyes. Its influence, of course, is no doubt, and as jogging shoes veteran New Balance in order to reflect the importance of the Boston marathon, specially launched Boston 2012 commemorative style. This commemorative paragraph uses classic shoes, 574 for lab, and a low profile blue suede with yellow as a decoration, so that the whole pair is very low-key, and the heel parts were embroidered with Boston and 2012 words, showing the significance of shoes. Since it is to commemorate the Boston marathon shoes, naturally Made in USA, the shoes can now be purchased in Concepts, for the marathon has a warm friend, might as well buy a pair as a souvenir.The process of to improve the athletes in how to study Nike Sportswear after wearing experience in footwear design team from the weight and reduce the volume of the concept from the design of professional football boots, launched a new technology innovation -- Torch. In NIKE, innovation is the creative process to meet the needs of athletes and improve their athletic performance. In the process of Nike Sportswear and how to improve the athletes after the game wearing experience in footwear design team from the weight and reduce the volume of the concept from the design of professional football boots, launched a new technology innovation -- Torch. Torch is a lightweight, controlled humidity, comfortable, lightweight, three tiered fabric. The outer layer is the protection of the diamond structure, the outer fabric can prevent deformation, stress points do not like the traditional fabric that wrinkle. The middle layer is light structure material that fully meets the need for relaxing after the game or walking all day long in the city. The inner fabric has strong breathability, humidity control, and dry feet, taking into account the relaxed needs after the game.Goodbye homer Nike Baseball Home Run Pack 2013-12-08 22:17:28 MLB 2012 on half of the season has ended, the New York Yankees ranked first with 52 wins and 33 lost record. In addition, the team's All-Star second baseman Robinson Cano, following last year's star game "Home Run Derby" after the hit 32 home runs to win this year's season, and there were 20 home runs. Can defending? To see the performance tonight Robinson Cano Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City a. In order to provide the Nike fan favorite event to pay tribute, to create a "home run" package, which includes Air Max MVP Elite 3/4 Metal Cleat and Lunar TR1 training shoe. By Flywire and Lunarlon make shoes lighter and more comfortable, but also to ensure overall stability and speed of. & nbsp;